“Brushes” app sees boom in sales after profile in The New Yorker

Mon, Jun 1, 2009


Last week we posted a video showing how artist Jorge Columbo used the iPhone app Brushes to draw the cover of The New Yorker.  He was also profiled, naturally, in The New Yorker itself and in a number of other publications as well.  Since then, Brushes has seen a significant increase in sales to the tune of over $14,000 and counting.

iPhoneSavior reports:

On May 25th, the day the New Yorker broke the story that Colombo’s iPhone art would grace their cover, Sprang’s wildly popular iPhone painting application hauled in the highest one day sales since it was first released back in August of 2008. Reaching over 2,700 downloads at $4.99 a click. Gaining the kind of free advertising that creates instant iDrool for most developers.

That amounts to almost $10,000 in one day for Steve Sprang after Apple shaves off their thirty percent share. Not exactly chump change for an iPhone developer bent on making a full-time living from his handy work.

You can purchase Brushes on the iTunes App Store over here for $4.99.  The ability to draw, though, ain’t included.


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