Brian X. Chen isn’t excited about the new iPhone.. maybe he’s in the wrong business

Wed, Jun 3, 2009


Brian X. Chen, of Wired, on the upcoming iPhone:

Apple could sleepwalk through its next iPhone release and competitors still couldn’t catch up, analysts say.  In fact, that’s what Apple seems poised to do, with only minor hardware updates likely for the third-generation iPhone…

Apple’s sleepwalking through the next iPhone release?  As Eminem might say, “Are you f’ing serious?!”

I suppose better battery life, a better camera, double the storage capacity, the arrival of iPhone OS 3.0, and the inclusion of a video camera with editing capabilities is just Apple’s way of ‘sleepwalking’ through an update.  And that’s just a sample of what we can expect from the next iPhone.

Oddly enough, Chen is aware of all of these upgrades,

mounting evidence suggests the third-generation iPhone’s main improvements include a digital compass, an improved digital camera with video-recording capabilities and auto-focus, and a speedier processor.

Sound exciting? Probably not.

Probably not exciting to the average man on the street, but seeing as Chen gets paid to write about this stuff, maybe he’s in the wrong business.  Hell, wouldn’t be the first time that thought has crossed anyone’s mind.



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