We gotta admit, the Palm Pre is slick + Review Roundup

Wed, Jun 3, 2009


The Palm Pre reviews are rolling in, and one thing that stands out is just how great a job Palm has done on the UI.  It looks incredible, and though it won’t be enough to topple the iPhone, that doesn’t really matter.  It’s a solid phone, and competition is always good.  I mean, the current iPhone will probably still be superior to whatever version of Windows Mobile is shipping in 2012, so by all means, we welcome the Pre with open palms.

And yes, we realize how lame that sounded.

You can check out Engadgets full and in-depth review over here.

Our old buddy Walt Mossberg chimes in with his review over here.

As we reported earlier, David Pogue of the New York Times is also a fan.  You can check out his review here.

And last, and maybe least, is the USA Today’s review of the Palm Pre.


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