Will Synergy on the Palm Pre be more of a hassle than a feature?

Wed, Jun 3, 2009

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With the Palm Pre set to launch in just 3 days, a lot of people are wondering if the Pre will be able to give the iPhone a run for its money.  Our take, in a word, is “no”.  At this point in time, almost everything the Pre offers is already available on a number of other smartphones.

That said, one of the Pre’s touted selling points is “Synergy”, which Palm says will enable users to integrate contacts and schedules across a number of different platforms, such as Outlook, Gmail, and Facebook.

While ‘synergy’ might be a useful feature for some users, it also has the potential of creating a clusterf**k of information.  More often than not, people treat varying media communication tools differently.  I, for example, might be willing to add anyone to my Gmail contact list, but might be more selective about who I become Facebook friends with.  On the flipside, I know some people who are facebook friends with over 1,000 people, but only really email/chat/talk to about 5% of those people.

What Palm’s synergy might not take into account is the simple fact that many people keep separate media accounts on purpose, and that automatically integrating all of that information together might do more harm than good.

MyPre points out:

With the Pre synchronizing from Facebook, long time Facebook users with tons of friends that they really don’t know or communicate with will find their contacts section on the Pre stuffed. JKontheRun recons if the Pre then synchronizes with Google Contacts users will end up with Facebook not-friends all over their myriad of contact databases.

For all I know, the Pre will let users customize how the Pre pulls information from different sources, but wouldn’t that customization process defeat the purpose of Synergy in the first place?



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  1. hopeful Says:

    well, the pre has the option of adding/deleting specific accounts, so if you don’t want your facebook account to be integrated, you don’t have to.

  2. sam Says:

    I wouldnt spit on a device that cant do simple functions such as copy and paste or do simple video recording.

    i can get a free phone to do video.

    your comment ” At this point in time, almost everything the Pre offers is already available on a number of other smartphones. ”

    and the iphone doesnt do the same? apple fanboy writing articles.. how pathetic

  3. sam Says:

    the only reason that more iphones sell is because there are mor users on ATT network. the percentages on sales for pre vs iphone are much better in the first weekend per user.

    one other reason the iphone is doing well is because it’s an ipod with a phone. most users of ipods switched to condense their ipod with a phone so they dont have to carry 2 devices. the iphone has been a horrible phone and noted as such.

    to compare iphone to a real device is not a smart move at all as you should only be comparing it to an ipod because it’s just a toy and no more with absolutely no flexibility

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