New screenshot seems to confirm 32GB iPhone is on the way

Thu, Jun 4, 2009

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A screenshot from the inventory list of the UK-based Carphone Warehouse hints at, if not confirms, that Apple is getting ready to announce a 32GB iPhone model along with a 16GB model.

Earlier this week we reported that Apple had recently received PCS Type Review Certification Board approval for iPhone models that range in capacity from 4GB to 32GB.  While you can never make a sure bet on what to expect from Apple, if the 16GB and 32GB versions of the next-gen iPhone become the flagship iPhone models, that opens up room for Apple to sell 4GB and 8GB versions of the current 3G models at discounted prices.  Some have even speculated that a $99 iPhone might be Edge only, which would be an interesting way for Apple to open up the iPhone to a new demographic of consumers without having to worry about cannibalization.

via AppleInsider



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