Report: Number of App Store apps and downloads are trending higher than expected

Thu, Jun 4, 2009


Jim Goldman of CNBC on Apple’s upcoming WWDC event, which he feels will be geared more towards new software (read: Snow Leopard, iPhone OS 3.) than new hardware.

We’ll get an extended look at the App Store, along with some updated numbers about apps available and apps already downloaded. Both numbers, I’m told, are trending far better than existing momentum should have anticipated. And this alone — the breadth of the App Store — could go a long way toward muting any buzz the Pre sales figures would generate since that device has no where near the same kind of developer support the iPhone has.

The Pre has been buzzing like crazy over the past day and a half, and it will be interesting to see if the news coming out of the WWDC will completely overshadow it in one fell swoop.


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