Bringing Apple’s culture to Palm

Fri, Jun 5, 2009


Bloomberg has an interesting article about how Jon Rubinstein infused a bit of Apple’s culture into the development process of the Palm Pre.  Rubenstein, of course, spent over 20 years with Steve Jobs, 9 of which were at Apple, and was an important part of the team that helped developed the original iMac and the first edition iPod.  Eventually wooed out of retirement to work on the Pre at Palm, Rubenstein helped recruit a large number of other Apple engineers to help develop the device.

“I helped to create a lot of the engineering culture at Apple during the turnaround there,” Rubinstein, who worked with Steve Jobs for more than 15 years, said last week during a technology conference in San Diego. “Palm’s engineering culture has a lot of how Apple runs instilled into it.”

… Rubinstein’s skill is in knowing how to assemble a good team, keeping good people and replacing others, said Clent Richardson, who worked with him at Apple from 1998 to 2001.

“Jon is an engineer’s engineer who also has a pretty unique gift to understand and anticipate what’s cool,” said Richardson,…  “If you take a look at his track record, the teams he built, he’s also in the midst of doing the same thing at Palm.”

You can check out the full article over here.


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