Latest Rumor: iPhone Video to hit stores on Monday with 8, 16, and 32GB models

Fri, Jun 5, 2009

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Hot on the heels of a Financial Times report that a discounted iPhone would be available in Apple Stores this Monday comes a report from Gearlive that the upcoming iPhone Video (if that’s what it’s called) will be available for purchase as early as this Monday.

According to the report, the iPhone Video will be available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB configurations.  Interestingly, Gearlive writes that while a 4GB model is in the works, it wont yet be ready for sale on Monday, which contradicts the earlier report from the Financial Times.

My understanding is that availability will be limited, because the plan was to launch in July. This means that Apple doesn’t have all the phones available now that they would have had in July for a launch – but you can expect regular replenishments of product.

Is Apple pushing up the release date to steal away some of the Palm Pre’s thunder?  Or are Gearlive’s sources completely bogus?

I’m leaning towards the latter, but would love to be proven wrong.



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