Last Minute WWDC Rumors: iPhone 3GS and better battery life?

Sun, Jun 7, 2009

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John Gruber weighs in with his predictions for Schiller’s keynote tomorrow morning.

One additional tidbit I’ve heard is the new hardware’s code name: iPhone 3GS. I’m not certain that’s what it’ll be officially named, but my hunch is yes

Hmm, iPhone 3GS.  What could the ‘S’ possibly stand for?  Gruber suggests that it might stand for ‘speed’, but that doesn’t really jive too well.  Or, maybe it’s how Apple will refer to the current iPhone 3G going forward, with the ‘S’ standing for “sucks.”  In other words, perhaps this is Apple’s way of acknowledging that the initial 3G rollout and the network problems that accompanied it ‘sucked’ for a lot of consumers. Remember, though, that TUAW recently reported that the next gen iPhone would be called the ‘iPhone Video’, which I think makes more sense in light of all the evidence which suggests that video recording will be the highly touted new feature of the next iPhone.

Second, Gruber mentions the improved battery life he expects to see in the next iPhone.

The other new tidbit is battery life: 15-20 percent longer than the iPhone 3G.

This is line with an earlier rumor which pegged the new iPhone as having 1.5x better battery life.  Notably, we reported a few months ago that the upcoming iPhone was rumored to have “innovative battery technology”, which would be a boon for all those users who just can’t seem to let their iPhone catch a breath.


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