Snow Leopard hitting stores in September for $29

Mon, Jun 8, 2009


Yes folks, you read that correctly.  Snow Leopard will be a $29 upgrade for Leopard users, and will hit stores a month before Windows 7.  Typical Mac OS upgrades run about $129, so this is certainly a welcome surprise.  As opposed to OS upgrades of the past, many of Snow Leopard’s more significant changes are under the hood, working to increase system efficiency and speed.  Without out a slew of “killer features” to promote, some wondered how Apple would be able to convince users to fork over $100+ for a new OS.  Now we have our answer.  $29 bucks is a steal.  Well done Apple, well done.

A family pack will run about $49.  Unbelievable deal.

You can check out a complete list of Snow Leopard’s enhancements and refinements over here.


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  1. iamse7en Says:


    That’s pretty cool. I’ll pirate it anyway, but $29 seems a lot more than fair.

  2. Calvon Says:


    That’s pretty cool. I’ll buy the $49 family pack, which seems plenty fair enough.

  3. Donald Says:

    And your source for this revelation?

  4. Aaron Says:

    The source, Donald, is from WWDC today. How do you get an internet connection under a rock?

  5. lol Says:

    @Aaron – typical mac user

  6. Rick Says:

    @lol – typical asshole

  7. The CHZA Says:

    Wow, they got it right. I was planning on pirating it and making my own DVD, but for around 30 bucks after tax, why not just buy the thing?

  8. anonymous Says:

    I guess ZFS was worth $100, since that’s nowhere in Snow. 🙁
    I’d rather it be $129 and include ZFS. Why Apple! Why!

  9. Gabba Says:

    Snow Leopard is really just upgrading and fine tuning OS X for 64 bit, it is not going to be anything revolutionary. (Not putting down SL, I am sure it will work fine and do what it promises. I will certainly be buying it at $29).

    SL is also probably the end of major development for OS X, and the next big thing from Apple will be a ZFS based, 64 bit, OS 11, which I look forward to very much. (It would have been nice to get it in SL, but I would rather they took their time and did it properly, from the ground up.)

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