SanDisk pleasantly surprised by inclusion of SD card slots on MacBook Pros

Tue, Jun 9, 2009


Somewhat flying under the radar yesterday were Apple’s upgrades, and price cuts, to its entire line of MacBook Pro notebooks, with one of the more interesting add-ons being the inclusion of an SD card slot.

SD cards are used quite ubiquitously on cellphones and digital cameras, and the presence of an SD card slot in Apples upgraded line of MacBook Pro’s will ultimately make transferring media content such as photos and videos between devices and machines that much easier.  Previously, Mac users had to purchase a dedicated card reader in order to move stored SD card content around.  While such a move is obviously a boon for Apple users, the announcement was also a welcome surprise for SanDisk, one of the leading manufacturers of SD cards.

In a statement made to Fast Company, SanDisk retail VP Eric Bone had this to say:

Everyone’s surprised by it.  The unibody form factor is extremely thin and so this makes sense in the space they had available… SD cards are now in pretty much every kind of portable hardware. For this to be in Apple’s mainstream notebooks, it sends the message that SD is not just for imaging but for any kind of content transfer. We’re trying to communicate that these cards go in multiple places.

photo courtesy of Gizmodo


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