Moron smashes an iPhone after buying a Palm Pre [Photos]

Thu, Jun 11, 2009


We get that some people would prefer a Palm Pre over an iPhone (well not really, but we’ll play along).  And we get that some people just don’t like the keyboard-less iPhone.  But one Pre fan has taken his Palm Pre love, or perhaps iPhone hate, to a new level of idiocy.  Upon purchasing a Palm Pre, this ‘genius’ took a hammer and completely smashed his iPhone’s screen to pieces.  Never mind the fact that he could still use it as an iPod, or at the very least, sell it to get some cash to purchase some apps in Palm’s app store.. oh wait.

Check out the pics below.


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  1. HD Boy Says:

    Anyone this dumb desrves a plasticized Pre.

  2. Ray Says:

    Sorry to say this but that Pre won’t make him happy either. The good news is with Pre’s mediocre built quality he won’t be needing the hammer…

  3. gsgfdgdf Says:

    how weird he doesnt even have the app store on that thing

  4. scooterge558 Says:

    Well I could see where he could have sold it to recover some of his overpayment for the i-phone, not sure I would have smashed it, oh wait, I wouldn’t have bought one in the first place.
    The Pre, a better device (multi-tasking, doesn’t require i-tunes) and without a doubt he’ll be happier with the network.

  5. msantti Says:

    I guess Apple must have raped the guys cat or something?

  6. Richard Says:

    There were no apps harmed in this demonstration!

    I will say, what I LOVE about the pre is the way you switch between apps. I can’t believe Apple was not the one to come up with this. I switch between apps often and i hate the way the iPhone handles this UI.

    The Pre will do well and will help take the smartphone UI to the next level.

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