Report: iPhone 3G S now shipping from Apple

Mon, Jun 15, 2009


Early today, a number of people received emails from Apple informing them that their iPhone 3G S is already in transit.  Jeremy Sikora writes over at The iPhone Blog that his new and shiny iPhone was sent out from Shenzhen, China and is scheduled to arrive right on the 19th.  Notably, he also writes,

Something important to remember, if you did order from Apple and will not be home at the time of the delivery – you must fill out a form via Apple’s web site for them to leave it at your door if that’s what you prefer. If not, you will be waiting until Monday and that would make for a long weekend.

That’d be a long and frustrating weekend indeed.

Meanwhile, MacRumors notes that AT&T has also begun updating its order statuses.

Orders made through AT&T are appearing as “in progress” on customers’ order status pages and have been assigned tracking numbers, although the shipments do not appear to have yet been picked up by UPS.


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