iTunes servers strain under demand for new iPhone OS 3.0

Wed, Jun 17, 2009


In what’s becoming somewhat of a tradition, Apple’s servers are having a hard time coping with the demand for the new iPhone OS 3.0 update that was released earlier today.

ArsTechnica reports:

According to several reports, the iPhone OS 3.0 update is slow to download for many users. However, after the update installs, the phone needs to be activated by connecting to an iPhone “activation server.” This server is being overloaded, causing the phones to only operate in emergency mode until activation is possible. Users are advised to “try again later.”

… It also appears that iTunes and the App Store are having problems, including slow load times or the inability to grab recently updated apps with features targeted towards 3.0 users. The problems appear to be affecting the iTunes Store as a whole, as some 40 million users around the world are hoping to get the latest features for their mobile devices.



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