Tweetdeck now available for the iPhone

Thu, Jun 18, 2009


Earlier this week, Tweetdeck came out with an iPhone version of its popular desktop app, and initial reviews seem to be quite positive.  On the desktop, we switched over to Tweetie from Tweetdeck a while ago because Tweetdeck was too much of a resource hog and its multi-pane window setup, while nice, didn’t lend itself to running patiently in the background, unnoticed.

That said, early positive reviews have us curious and we’ll give the app a spin sometime this weekend.  One of the more intriguing features we’re looking forward to is that Tweetdeck for the iPhone syncs back up to your Mac, keeping any changes/updates you make consistent across all your devices.  In the meantime, you can check out Tweetdeck yourself on iTunes over here.



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