Fake Steve Jobs is back, turns attention to recent liver transplant, pokes fun at David Pogue

Mon, Jun 22, 2009


Dan Lyons has returned to pen a few new posts for his popular Fake Steve Jobs blog, this time writing an admittedly funny entry about how NYT Tech columnist David Pogue was the one who donated his liver to Jobs.  Lyons is clearly bitter over Pogue’s relationship with Apple, but it’s a funny post nonetheless.  Lyons’ tech writing leaves much to be desired, but as FSJ, Lyons ain’t too shabby.

I’m not happy about needing a new liver, but I do feel great that I could let David even out his karma a little bit. Truth is, Pogue wasn’t kidding when he said he owes me. Hell, even we’re not even close to calling it even. Also, I have to tell you, the guy’s liver is friggig primo. Very, very low mileage. Much better than the stuff you get waiting on some list. Much love, David Pogue.

You can check out the post in its entirety over here.


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