MLB iPhone App to allow live streaming of baseball games

Mon, Jun 22, 2009


Currently, the MLB iPhone App is the #1 most downloaded paid app in the Sports category on the iTunes app store, and overall among top paid apps, it comes in at 21. It’s high ranking is quite impressive given its relatively high price-tag of $9.99, but too not surprising considering how well-done and polished the app is. It recently won an Apple Design Award at Apple’s WWDC, and just 2 months ago we reported that the app was on the brink of reaching $1 Million in gross revenue.

And now baseball fans will have even more of a reason to download the app as it has added live streams of baseball games which can be viewed either via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. This of course has prompted some net neutrality proponents to chime in and point out that AT&T restricts the Sling Player app, which also streams video content, to a Wi-Fi connection.

With MLB all over the iPhone, and selling extremely well, hopefully the NFL and NBA will soon follow suit and come out with their own apps in the near future.


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