Apple accepts, then rejects iPhone app with photos of naked women

Thu, Jun 25, 2009

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Update: The developer of the app wrote yesterday that he pulled the app due to an extremely high strain on his servers.  Turns out he was full of it.  Today Apple stated that it would not allow pornography into the app store.

Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography. The developer of this application added inappropriate content directly from their server after the application had been approved and distributed, and after the developer had subsequently been asked to remove some offensive content. This was a direct violation of the terms of the iPhone Developer Program. The application is no longer available on the App Store.

Word spread like wildfire yesterday that Apple had accepted into the iTunes App Store an app called “Hottest Girls” which was comprised of more than 2200 Adult images.  The types of photos the app advertised included:

  • Topless/Completely Naked Pics
  • Beautiful Girls in Lingerie
  • Sexy Asian Girls
  • Hot Girls in Bikinis
  • Auto Show Ladies with Short Skirts
  • Young Racing Queens
  • Girls in Costume
  • Babes with Barely Any Clothes
  • Cute Teenagers

In the past, Apple has been quick to reject apps that even referenced profanity, and a few weeks ago it rejected a Newspaper app which allowed access to over 50 newspapers because the tabloid heavy and UK based “The Sun” included a few topless photos.  Now, all of a sudden, in walks an app which developer Allen Leung proudly boasts is “the first app to have nudity”.

So what gives?

Well, as part of newly released iPhone OS 3.0 update, Apple directed a lot of attention towards Parental Controls, giving parents the ability to block the downloading of movies based on movie ratings in addition to blocking apps that aren’t age appropriate.   Naturally, the “Hottest Girls” app had a “17+” rating, but for a company as seemingly puritanical as Apple, allowing full-fledged nudity on the app store seemed completely out of character.

If you’re reading this and can’t wait to check out the app yourself, we have some bad news for ya.  While the app is still up on iTunes, earlier today Apple removed the ability to download it, forcing interested porn users to retreat back to the web for their daily smut fix.  Damn you!

Comically, before the app was axed by Apple, the developer wrote that a third version of the app was already under review and that it would have a “discreet icon/name”.  So much for that.


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