iPhone share of US Smartphone traffic continues to increase, reaches 69%

Thu, Jun 25, 2009


New data released by AdMob shows that the number of people using an iPhone connect to the internet continues to grow at an impressive rate, with 69% of all smartphone traffic in the US coming from iPhone users  AdMob, which runs an ad network for mobile websites, compiled the following data for May 2008.

By way of comparison, this is what the iPhone’s share of smartphone traffic in the US looked like in December of 2008.  In 5 months, it’s share jumped by 21 percentage points.

Intrestingly, Ad Mob also breaks things down by handset manufacturer, a metric that takes into account not just smartphones, but iPod Touch devices, basic cell-phones, and essentially any device that can hook up to the Internet.  In the end, Apple still came out on top with 45.1% of all mobile Internet requests coming from either the iPhone or iPod Touch.  This represents a 10.4% increase from data compiled in the previous month.  For as much as RIM has been successful in selling its line of BlackBerrys lately, its users don’t seem to be very interested in using them to browse the web, as they ranked 4th with only 4.8% of all US based Internet requests.  Perhaps they’re too busy emailing…

Impressively, the iPod Touch, which requires a Wi-Fi connection to hook up to the web, comes in second place, beating out every other phone model by a significant margin.


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  1. Richard Says:

    I’m sorry, I still agree with Ballmer that the iPhone won’t amount to much. (cough)

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