Just when you thought Rob Enderle couldn’t get any dumber

Thu, Jun 25, 2009


He comes out with this gem of an article.  To be honest, it’s so convoluted I’m not quite sure what it’s even about.

After blabbing about Al Gore, Enderle directs his attention towards Steve Jobs, who he calls “Apple’s greatest asset and their biggest problem.”  Umm, sure.  He then writes:

He appears to tie his own mortality, as many http://www.socialsecurity.gov do, to retaining the job which actually means he likely feels the only way he is leaving is if is no longer living and the stress of the job coupled with his weakened health makes that more likely.

Wow.  It’s elementary school writing at its best.  And what’s up with the random link he tosses in the middle there?

And then it gets better:

The Apple board can’t back fill him without Steve acting to protect his job and forcing the person the board selects out, and the board can’t fire him because that will result in the very problem they are trying to avoid near term. They are seriously stuck with a problem they can’t fix and yet will be held accountable for. Watch for any drama between Jobs and anyone seemingly positioned as his heir. The last true Jobs heir was Jon Rubenstein http://en.wikipedia.org and he was driven out of Apple some time ago and currently runs Palm.

It’s really not worth dissecting this lame attempt at an argument.  It’s easier to just look it over in amusement.

Next, Enderle gets conspiratorial:

Apple has a deep network of Apple sites, bloggers, and analysts who receive funding directly or indirectly from Apple and may have to begin disclosing those connections as part of an FTC plan to regulate http://www.readwriteweb.com the Internet. Much of this largely undisclosed network of compensated supporters will either suddenly become visible and newsworthy or become a serious disclosure problem for the company.

This might be one of the biggest bullshit arguments Enderle has ever concocted.  And that’s saying something.  Apple doles out about as much funding to bloggers as Enderle has journalistic integrity.  And in classic Enderle fashion, he provides a link to a story that is completely un-related to anything that has anything to do with Apple.  Seriously, who is this guy?

Watch for any change in Apple focused sites as the FTC ramps to enforce this new rule, there are a number of ways to get around this expected rule including shell companies, long term perpetual loaner products, and awards based on fake contests all of which have been successfully used in the past against similar rules and could come into play here.

Okay Rob, we’ll be on the lookout.  Meanwhile, having been exposed as a site that improperly receives funds from Apple, posting here at EdibleApple might grind to a halt as we need to start setting up a shell company ASAP.  Also,  the wheels are already in motion for a slew of fake contests we have coming up the pipeline.

Believe it or not, Enderle has managed to top himself with this, there’s no other way to say it, stupid article.  Unbelievable.



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  1. Noibs Says:

    Is Enderle high?

  2. mark Says:

    Doubt it. He’s likely compensated by Microsoft though.

  3. slappy Says:

    “Just when you thought Rob Enderle couldn’t get any dumber”

    That would be the end of the world right? I mean there are 3 things we can be sure of, Death, Taxes and Wrong Again Enderle. LOL

  4. robinson Says:

    Enderle is far more articulate on Cranky Geeks. I’m truly surprised at how poor his writing is here– and by the web links embedded in the wrong places in the text.

    But is the original article actually his? Is a poorly copied version?

  5. Derek Says:

    This is really getting too much with this writer. There has to be something going on here for him to be such a rabid anti-Apple ‘analyst’. There is no logical reason for him to write like this, over and over again, week after week, unless he is guilty himself of the very thing he accuses Apple of. Being supplemented by an ‘outside party’. I think he should be very careful in the future. His accusations of Apple somehow supporting blogs and pro-Apple sites is very seriously bordering on slander and libel. Apple spends most of their time keeping secrets from the bloggers …

  6. Neil Anderson Says:

    The End is nigh.

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