Big time comedy hits the iPhone this Summer

Fri, Jun 26, 2009


Macworld reports on a series of new comedy iPhone apps slated to hit the iTunes app store over the course of the summer. Masterminded by Fred Graver, creator of the always hilarious VH1 show Best Week Ever, and a former writer for shows such as In Living Color and Cheers, Graver assembled a who’s who of comedic talent to help deliver comedy gold to your iPhone on a daily basis.

With three Emmys under his belt, and contributions from writers from The Onion, Comedy Central, The New Yorker,, and The Simpsons, Graver is hoping to redefine how we look at the mobile platform by offering a new way to interact with comedians from around the world.

The Simpsons, CC, and The Onion?!  We’re sold already.  That’s some serious heavyweight comedic talent right there.  But what exactly are these apps Graver plans on releasing?  Well, the first one is called This Just In

[It’s] a 10-joke-a-day application that users can subscribe to. New jokes appear on your phone as a text message and then you open the app to search through the day’s jokes. When opening up the app, three tabs greet you: “Newest,” “Popular,” and “Cartoons.” You can then view various jokes about the latest things going on in the world around you. If you like the joke, you can tweet, e-mail, or put it on your Facebook page.

Okay, we admit that that doesnt sound too enticing, but the Wittr app more than makes up for it.

According to iLarious’s press materials, Wittr will offer unparalleled comic content: “Each week, teams of comics such as Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Best Week Ever, Stella and Whitest Kids You Know, headline a group of 10 comics riffing on everything from today’s news to pop culture to whatever they’re obsessed about at the moment.” It’ll be launched a little later in the summer, effectively allowing users to watch what comedians are posting commentary on. A Witthappened tab will show what people have been seeing and mocking.

UCB and Stella providing what seems to be exclusive content for iPhone owners?  Umm, yes please.

MacWorld has more on the apps Graver has cooking in the kitchen over here.  If you’re of the comedic bent, it’s definitely worth checking out.



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