Unfazed Psystar releases new computer, promises to keep fighting “Goliath”

Thu, Jul 2, 2009

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Say what you will about Psystar, but you can’t deny that they have balls.  Hot on the heels of their bankruptcy filing and yet another court defeat to Apple, Psystar recently unveiled a new Nehalem-based Mac clone for $1,499, a setup it touts as as its fastest and quietest configuration to date.

And in an effort to show that they’ve been unfazed by Apple’s legal sniper scope as of late, they recently distributed an e-mail newsletter in attempt to alleviate concerns that they were going under anytime soon or would fold under mounting legal and financial pressure.

As you all may already be aware, in late May Psystar filed for Chapter 11 protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we now are ready to emerge and again battle Goliath.

Wow, these guys just don’t know how to quit, even if their legal arguments are baseless and their tactics somewhat questionable, if not downright shady.

Psystar ended the email with a little jab at Apple, noting that “When life gives you apples, make applesauce.”

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