Internet Explorer loses 11.4% of browser market share

Mon, Jul 6, 2009


Despite an increase in the number of people using IE 8, the overall number of users who browse the web with Internet Explorer continues to dwindle, with the latest report finding that since March, IE has lost 11.4% in browser market share.

Internet Explorer has long been chastised for not strictly adhering to web standards, a fact which anyone who is forced to use IE at work can attest to.  I can only imagine what the above chart would look like if it didn’t take into account all of the corporate computers that still have an old copy of IE as their default web browser.

TechCrunch notes:

In just over three months, Internet Explorer has seen its overall market share erode by 11.4 percent. Where did that go? It went to Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Nearly 5 percent of that, or about half, went to Firefox 3.0, which currently has 27.6 percent market share. That doesn’t count last week’s upgrade. See the dotted line just below the light blue IE8 line? That is a combined set of “other” browsers and appears to include Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 2.0.


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