Ars looks at the Palm Pre as a travel companion, and isn’t impressed

Tue, Jul 7, 2009


ArsTechnica recently reviewed the Palm Pre from the vantage point of a traveler and it turns out the Pre just isn’t up to snuff.

Palm’s new phone is great for keeping you connected while on the road, but you can’t do cloud messaging when you’re physically in the clouds. You also can’t play games, because there really aren’t any, and in fact the Pre doesn’t offer much in the way of sheer fun (unless your idea of fun is tweeting about the lack of available apps in Palm’s store)…

Speaking of not being able to buy things for the Pre, Palm seriously needs to get its App Catalog in order. Compared with the iTunes App store, with its tens of thousands of diversions and amusements, Palm’s App Catalog is a barren wasteland with only about 30 titles currently on offer. As great as cloud messaging is, its entertainment value is limited, and even if you’re a complete messaging addict you still can’t do it in-flight.

My sentiments exactly.  I still don’t get how pundits will quickly gloss over the 50,000+ titles in the iTunes App Store at the same time that they can’t stop drooling over the Pre’s ability to multitask.  What good is multitasking when it completely drains the battery, and when there are no worthwhile apps that actually make the feature relevant?  I don’t bring this up to hate on the Pre, but rather to illustrate why the Pre, while a seemingly decent smartphone, doesn’t give the iPhone anything to worry about.

You can check out Ars’ full impressions of traveling with the Pre over here.


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