Know when to take a bathroom break at the movies with Run Pee Mobile

Wed, Jul 8, 2009


The TapCritic has a good review up of an interesting iPhone app called “Run Pee Mobile.”  The name might sound silly, but this app seems deceptively useful.

We’ve all been in situations where you’re sitting and watching a great movie when, out of the blue, nature calls. I suppose that’s inevitable when you order a giant 3 Liter cup of Coke.    A battle soon begins between your bladder and your brain.  You know you should go to the bathroom, but you don’t want to miss anything important.

So what’s the solution?  Run Pee Mobile.

Run Pee Mobile is an app that lets you know ahead of time which points in the movie are worthy of being skipped for a bathroom break.  Check out the video review of the app below to get an idea of how it works.


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