Are Pre owners complaining about no on-screen keyboard?

Thu, Jul 9, 2009


Citing a study by Strategy Analytics, Electronista is reporting that a good number of Pre owners are complaining about the complete lack of an onscreen keyboard.  While many of the respondents who purchased a Pre did so precisely because of its pull-out QWERTY keyboard, the study notes,

Although users liked having a physical QWERTY keyboard, they did not want to have to slide it out every time they wanted to type something

Any Pre users care to chime in?


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  1. scottae316 Says:

    I own a Pre as well as an iPhone 3Gs. It would be nice to have a virtual keyboard, but the real one works fine. I find I am more accurate with the Pre’s keyboard than the virtual one on the iPhone. The virtual keyboard would be nice for landscape mode apps.

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