Report: iPhone MMS delayed, will arrive in September along with Tethering option for $55/mo

Fri, Jul 10, 2009

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When Scott Forstall took the stage at Apple’s WWDC a few weeks back, the audience was none too thrilled when he all but stated that MMS and tethering for the iPhone would not be supported by AT&T in time for the iPhone 3GS launch.  At the time, Forstall noted that MMS would make its way to the iPhone sometime this Summer, while details regarding tethering on the iPhone remained noticeably absent.

Now comes a report from appmodo which claims that AT&T support for MMS on the iPhone has been delayed and won’t be available until sometime this September.  The interesting nugget of info, however, is that tethering will reportedly become available for iPhone users in September as well, for the low low price of $55 a month, which is in addition to the current iPhone rate plans.  MMS, meanwhile will be included in standard text messaging plans.


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