MacBook sighting on “Michael and Michael Have Issues”

Mon, Jul 13, 2009


I usually don’t make a post every time I see an Apple computer floating around on a Hollywood set (though some readers might beg to differ), but when it comes to Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, I’m admittedly shameless.  Both were part of the now famous comedy troupe and cult-classic MTV show of the same name, The State, and both were involved in a slew of other comedy gems such as Wet Hot American Summer and the gone-too-quickly Comedy Central series Stella.

Now. both Michael’s have a new show debuting tomorrow on Comedy Central called “Michael and Michael Have Issues”, and if that’s not enough to satiate your State appetite,  MTV is finally releasing the entire box set of The State onto DVD in a move that’s been many many years overdue.  So as a result of their upcoming new show, which has been getting good reviews by the way, the 2 Michael’s have been getting a lot of press in a lot of mainstream publications.

Just recently, I ran across an article about their new show in the New York Times and couldn’t help but notice what appears to be a MacBook Pro perched atop Ian Black’s desk.  It’s not really Apple newsworthy in and of itself, and I’m not too sure that the intersection between Apple and State fans is that large (or even exists), but what the hey.  After all, when everyone else in High School was off partying and hooking up with girls, I was at home watching The State and laughing my ass off.  And I bet I had a better time, too.  Okay, maybe not, but at least I had Hepcat, Bologna Feet, and the Boy in a Barn.

And here’s a sitdown interview with the both of them to get you amped up for the show:

EMBED-Michael & Michael Have Issues Interview – Pt. 4 – Watch more free videos


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