Recent Snow Leopard beta showcases tweaked UI

Mon, Jul 13, 2009


The Snow Leopard 10A402 beta hit developers late last week, and users were greeted with changes to Dock based contextual menus, along with a change to the slider button in Finder windows which works to adjust the size of active icons.

Below, note the charcoal background now in use when accessing contextual menus from the dock.  We think this is a good move because as it stands now, contextual menus from the dock have a tendency to blend in with other active windows on the desktop.

And here, the color of the icon re-sizer button in Finder windows has been changed to grey from a previous shade of blue.

MacRumors also notes that users with the new beta are reporting much improved system responsiveness and speed, along with noticeably longer battery life for notebooks.  As reported previously, Snow Leopard is due to drop sometime in September, and will only cost $29 to upgrade for current Leopard users.



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