Apple offers cheap music bundles on iTunes in honor of the vinyl 45 record

Tue, Jul 14, 2009


In the latest sign that Apple is becoming more comfortable with variable pricing on iTunes, the Cupertino-based company today unveiled a new pricing scheme that should satiate the music appetite of music lovers.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the 45 single record (which offered 2 songs at a low price), Apple and the record label EMI are offering “D45” music bundles which offer users 2 songs for only $1.49.  This is significantly lower than the cost of 2 songs purchased individually.

In a press release issued today, EMI noted:

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the vinyl 45 single, EMI Music is launching a ‘digital 45’ campaign on July 14, bundling hit singles with B-sides and replicated label art for download purchase…

The 45 single, pressed on 7″ vinyl, debuted in 1949 and is named for the number of revolutions per minute it takes to play the content on each of its sides.

With some songs on iTunes currently costing as much as $1.29, the D45 music bundles can potentially save users up to $1.09 for every 2 songs purchased. Currently, the number of artists for whom D45’s are available span a wide spectrum of popular artists.  From Prince and Coldplay to Kings of Leon and 311, D45 bundles will be available exclusively on iTunes up until Jreuly27, after which all major digital download services will offer the same type of deal.


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    I hope they have a top D45 list.

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