Apple designer Jonathan Ive sends friend an oversized iPod

Wed, Jul 15, 2009


Famed Apple designer Jonathan Ive is notoriously elusive, but he apparently knows how to give a kick-ass birthday present.

About a week ago, Ive gave, as a birthday present, an oversized iPod Nano to his good friend Paul Smith.  We can only hope that the iPod was specially made for Smith and not an old prototype laying around from 2001!

On his blog, Smith writes:

On Friday 3rd July, I received a really lovely mad gift for my birthday (which is on the 5th) from Jonathan Ive and Jody who works with him at Apple – a perfect model of an Ipod but as you can see slightly bigger than usual. Jonny knows I like strange things; as the real thing gets smaller, he sends me a giant version!

What’s funny is that as ridiculous as the size of that iPod Nano seems, it’s not that much smaller than the boomboxes that people used to carry around on their shoulders in the 80’s.


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  1. Olternaut Says:

    Does the thing actually work?

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