Apple falls to 5th in US computer sales, maintains 7.6% market share

Wed, Jul 15, 2009


While maintaining its market share of 7.6%, initial reports from IDC suggest that Apple has dropped to 5th place in terms of US computer sales.  Preliminary reports peg Apple as having moved 1.21 million Macs during the past quarter, representing a 12% decline from the same quarter a year ago when it shipped 1.38 million Macs.

Electronista reports:

IDC wouldn’t speculate on each brand, but it’s commonly believed that the relatively high prices of Macs hurt Apple for most of the quarter, steering those still sensitive to the economy towards lower cost brands or else keeping them from buying altogether. Sweeping MacBook Pro updates that included lower prices only came in mid-June and were unlikely to have had a significant impact. Companies like Acer, meanwhile, have already focused heavily on budget portables; it specifically is the leader in netbooks, which may represent as much as one quarter of the market by the end of the year.



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