Getting a Sex app onto the iTunes App Store

Thu, Jul 16, 2009


Over the past few months, Apple has been notoriously quick to ban an app that had the slightest tinge of sexuality or violence.  How then, pre tell, did the Naughty Dice app scoot its way in unfettered?

To answer that question, Cult of Mac sat down with James Miller, the director of marketing for Trichotomy Media, the company behind Naughy Dice.

CoM: What was your experience in getting your app approved?
JM: Getting Naughty LOADED Dice approved wasn’t the trial by fire that it seems other apps with “racy” material had, but it sure seemed to have something fishy to it. I read that other developers who submit apps with very simple functionality get their apps approved in a few business days, a week at most.

Ours has very simple, self-contained functionality and it took more than a month (to get approval). I had already talked to my PR contacts about how we submitted our application, expecting it either to have taken only a week or just get rejected outright for the content.

JM: (cont’d) I went back to my PR contacts to warn them about the delay, which has been coined “pocket rejection.” Pocket rejection is when Apple chooses to ignore an app submission rather than deal with the issues it may cause.

I’m sure the idea of secret menus utilizing iPhone technology to trick users was something they had to think about before accepting.

We got some media pickup on our possible rejection on July 3 and later that day Apple approved our application for sale on iTunes…

You can check out the full interview over here as Miller answers questions about not receiving any promo codes for the app from Apple, and his thoughts about Apple’s new rating system for apps.  It’s worth checking out – unless, of course, you’re too busy actually using the app


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