Latest beta of iPhone OS 3.1 keeps developers happy

Thu, Jul 16, 2009


Earlier this week, Apple released an iPhone OS 3.1 update to developers that finally allows them to work on their projects over a Wi-Fi connection.  Ars Technica explains the advantages:

According to one individual, this feature is “huge for developers.” It’s primarily geared at those who need to attach something to their iPhone or iPod touch via USB, so freeing up the USB port during the development process goes a long way in that regard. It’s also undoubtedly slightly less of a pain in the butt to be able to use WiFi, though Apple warns that USB is still preferred because it’s faster and draws less power from the device than using WiFi.

Seeing as one of the more highly touted features in the new iPhone OS is the ability to hook up your iPhone to other hardware devices, it makes sense that Apple would finally implement this tweak to make things easier on developers.



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