Man sues Apple for conspiring with the Mafia to spy on him

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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Believe it or not, but we’ve finally found a lawsuit more ridiculous than the one involving Psystar.

This past Wednesday, Gregory McKenna of Florissant, Missouri filed a lawsuit in the St. Louis district court alleging that Apple, working in conjunction with the New York Mafia, placed tiny transmitters in an iPod Shuffle he purchased on eBay in order to spy on him and relay a number of threatening messages.

And that’s just the beginning of this sordid tale.

In 2000, McKenna alleges that the New York Mafia wanted him to model in New York fashion shows so that they could reap the monetary benefits that such a job would reap.  McKenna apparently had no desire to be a fashion model and in retaliation, the suit claims, Mafia members showed up at McKenna’s doorstep and stated, “We’re going to kill you if you don’t model for us in New York.”

After his reports to the St. Louis Police Department surprisingly went unheeded, Mafia members proceeded to “stalk, make extortion threats, attempt rape” and attempt to kidnap Mr. McKenna.  McKenna subsequently contacted the FBI who, surprise surprise, did nothing as well

Flash forward to 2006.

After already finding a transmitter hidden inside a previously purchased iPod Shuffle, McKenna purchased an iPod Mini from an Apple Store and found that it too was “bugged with an illegal receiver” that allowed Mafia members to make death threats against him.  Subsequent complaints to the STLPD, LAPD, and the FBI once again were ignored.

And so, McKenna decided to sue the St. Louis Police Department, the FBI, Apple, and a number of other parties for $14.2 Million.

On a somewhat comical note, some of the threatening messages supposedly sent to Mr. McKenna by the Mafia included “You’re dead,” “Your sister is dead,” “You’re a model,” and “I love you.”

Who knew the Mafia was so loving?

You can check out the full complaint over here.



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  1. Kd Says:

    This is just unbelievable, I spent the last 13 min reading this nonsense in the complaint filed by McKenna.

    Now i find it entertaining, but also very disturbing that this person has not gotten any help for his delusional paranoia.
    Even as alarming as it is somewhat amusing , it really falls back to getting this person some professional medical help.

    It also show that anyone in America can sue for any reason, But this might be what this unfortunate mentally disturbed person needs to get help.

    Now will it make it to court? We will see, But this person needs some serious Help and medication. And will the court also if it makes it, ( Doubt it will ) order a phycological evaluation after the fact.

    If you really want to get the scope of how mental unstable the plaintiff is check out the complaint filed by him and then you will understand how more ridiculous this is.


    Peace 😉

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