Psystar retains new Law Firms to screw over

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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When unauthorized and all-around shady Apple clone maker Psystar filed for bankruptcy nearly 2 months ago, it was largely seen as an attempt to either avoid or delay its pending litigation with Apple.

By filing for bankruptcy, Psystar was able to get a stay on the legal proceedings with Apple, effectively putting the upcoming trial on hold until the court waded through Psystar’s bankruptcy filings.  Apple, however, wasn’t buying it, and soon filed a motion to remove the stay.

Apple argued that Psystar was using its bankruptcy filing as a shield to protect itself from having to hand over, both in paper form and via deposition, important financial information about the company.  After hearing both sides, the court sided with Apple and granted its motion to lift the stay.

When Psystar filed for bankruptcy, a number of its debts came to light, including over $80,000 in owed in back dues to Carr & Ferrell, the law firm it retained to defend against Apple.  Well, now it appears that Psytar has chosen another law firm to screw over.  World of Apple reports that Psystar has dropped Carr & Ferrell (or perhaps it was the other way around?) in favor of the Houston-based firm of Camara & Sibley, and the California-based firm of Welker and Rosario.

I wonder if they realize that they’re working Pro-bono?



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