What phones are people scrapping for the iPhone?

Sat, Jul 18, 2009


With iPhone market share continuing to increase, where exactly are all these new iPhone owners coming from?

Well, according to Nielsen’s Q2 2009 Mobile Insights Survey, about 29% of new iPhone owners were previously Motorola owners, presumably leaving their RAZR and Q devices behind, and about 9% of BlackBerry owners ditched their trackball laden devices for the greener pastures of the iPhone.

The following chart, courtesy of BusinessInsider, lays it all out in an easy to digest pie chart.


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  1. Theo Smith Says:

    I migrated from the Mogul (PPC 6700). I breifly flirted with the Palm Pre but returned it before the 30 days was up. Now i’m rockin the iPhone although I wish they would allow the TouchPal keyboard, the best touch phone keyboard bar none.

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