Apple Earnings Preview – What the analysts are predicting

Mon, Jul 20, 2009

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Tomorrow after the market closes, Apple is set to announce its earnings for the quarter gone by.  Below is a chart, courtesy of CNN, encapsulating a number of analyst predictions about the numbers Apple will reveal.

Note how the estimates from the unqualified analysts are a lot higher than the ones from the Wall Street analysts – I’d bet good money that the unqualified analysts end up being more accurate.

The last time Apple announced its earnings, I took the prediction from a random commenter on a blog and compared it to “professional” Wall St. predictions.  Not surprisingly, a random guy on a blog turned out to be more in tune with Apple’s financials than the folks who actually get paid to study it for a living.

So, let’s see if random comment guy can go 2/2.  On a CNN post from earlier today, I happened upon a comment from TimboM of Madison, Wisconsin who predicted that Apple will report earnings of $1.38 a share on revenue of $8.62 $11 Billion.  Can TimboM give Wall St. a run for its money?  Tune in tomorrow after the bell to find out!



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