Apple already manufacturing new iPod Touch with Camera and Microphone

Tue, Jul 21, 2009


Citing a “well-connected source”, Wired is reporting that the next iPod Touch will contain both a camera and a microphone, and that the device has already entered the production phase in China.  Reports that the next iPod Touch model would receive a camera similar to the iPhone 3GS have been making the rounds for a few weeks now, but this is the first we’ve heard of the iPod Touch also coming equipped with an internal microphone.

An internal microphone would naturally make it easier for users to use the iPod Touch as an ad-hoc mobile phone through the use of VOIP applications such as Skype.  With wi-fi hotspots proliferating all over the world, the iPod Touch has the potential to position itself as extremely versatile device for users who haven’t yet made the leap for the iPhone.

According to Wired’s source, the new iPod Touch will go on sale “in two to three months” which puts the release date sometime between September and October.  Historically, Apple usually refreshes its entire iPod lineup in September.

On a somewhat related note, the iPod Nano is also expected to see an upgrade that would see the slender device come with a built in point and shoot camera.  Just a few weeks ago we reported that Apple was buying an inordinately large number of camera modules from a manufacturer in Asia, presumably for use in its next-gen iPod models.



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  1. Avaya Partner ACS Says:

    I wanted a Iphone for a long time, I could not justify paying an extra $50 a month for what I pay for my current service (T-Mobile). I got the G1 instead (I love it by the way), my only gripe is that I have no 3G service and the only 3G service is 2+ hours away.

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