Apple earnings estimate from a random blog commenter is more accurate than those from Wall St. analysts

Wed, Jul 22, 2009

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Before Apple released its earnings report on Tuesday, we decided to conduct a little test to see just how full of shit analysts really are.  We took a look at what the consensus for Apple’s earnings would be among Wall St. analysts, and we added into the mix the prediction of a random commenter we found on a blogpost on CNN.  We wanted to see who was more capable of accurately predicting what Apple’s earnings would be, and the results, depending on your point of view, weren’t all that surprising.

The random guy from CNN’s post was TimboM from Madison, WI, and though the actual post has been removed, there’s a cached version you can check out over here.  I was also able to grab a snapshot of his prediction for good measure.



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  1. CapnVan Says:

    Not terribly surprising, is it? These are the same people who helped bring you the Great Recession…

    And there’s not that much that can be done – you see Gene Munster quoted all the time about Apple’s prospects, and he’s routinely wrong. But then he’s back several months later.

    There’s little to no responsibility among the news media reporting on these guys either. When was the last time you saw CNET post anything that resembled, “We really got that one wrong”?

  2. TSwain Says:

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