“Cannabis” app for the iPhone selling briskly, over 1,000 copies moved to date

Mon, Jul 27, 2009


Remember that “Cannabis” iPhone app we featured about a week ago?  You know, the one that helps you find a Dr. that can prescribe the herb, while also enabling you to “quickly locate the nearest medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives, doctors, clinics, attorneys, organizations, and other patient services in states that have passed medical marijuana (cannabis legislation”?  Yeah, that one.

Well, it turns out that iPhone users are quite enamored with the Mary Jane.  The LA Times reported last week that sales of the Cannabis app have been doing quite well.  It’s certainly not doing blockbuster numbers, but priced at $2.99, it’s already sold well over 1,000 copies.  That’s about $2,100 in profits earned in a relatively short amount of time for Devn Calloway and Julian Cain, the 2 developers/weed aficionados behind the Cannabis app.

Below is a little infomercial-esque video which highlights what you can do with the app.


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