Psystar vows to fight “hippie” Apple with guns blazin’

Tue, Jul 28, 2009

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Psystar, everyone’s favorite un-authorized Mac clonemaker, released a statement on its website today vowing to take on Apple Legal head on with guns blazin’.  Not only does Psystar have new legal counsel, it also comes armed with spurious and misleading legal claims.  Check out their full statement below:

“Psystar has always been more a Cowboy than a Hippie. Now we’ve changed lawyers to better reflect who we are. Camara & Sibley LLP of Houston, Texas, has officially become our primary legal counsel in our ongoing litigation with Apple.

Everyone here values openness. And that’s how we’re going to fight Apple: in public. We have nothing to hide. We buy hundreds of copies of OS X legally, from retailers like Amazon and Apple itself. We’re probably one of Apple’s biggest customers. Then we install these copies of OS X, along with kernel extensions that we wrote in-house, on computers that we buy and build. Then we resell the package to people like you. That’s it.”

Apple’s copyright on OS X doesn’t give Apple the right to tell people what they can do with it after they buy a copy. Apple can’t tell an applications developer that it can’t make a piece of Mac-compatible software. They can’t forbid Mac users from writing blogs critical of Apple. And they can’t tell us not to write kernel extensions that turn the computers we buy into Mac-compatible hardware.

A new trial date has been set for January 11, 2010, in federal court in San Francisco. As we move toward trial, we’ll be keeping you informed about the arguments, the evidence, and what’s going on in the case. And, come January, Camara & Sibley will be ready to fight for Psystar, guns blazin’. We hope to see you there!”

Wow, who knew that this case was so straight forward?!  Of course we’re being sarcastic, and we’ll disect Psystar’s weak legal claims tomorrow.

Lastly, Psystar comically titles its post “In comes the cavalry.”  We think a more appropriate name might be, “In comes our new legal team because we couldn’t afford to pay the old one!”



3 Comments For This Post

  1. AdamC Says:

    Kind of interesting, if they can’t pay their former legal firm and discharge them and the present team knew about it and yet take up the job of defending Psystar.

    Wouldn’t they be afraid that they wouldn’t get paid too and why didn’t their former legal firm sue them to recover their monies?

    There is a very smelly fish here.

    Either someone is banking rolling them, which is obviously, or these guys are better conmen than we know.

  2. Good Mac Boy Says:

    Maybe they are being bankrolled by QUO Computer. These guys have a retail store in California and have a much better product.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Two points:

    1. 40 years later, whether square or oh-so-retro-hip, “hippie” is still apparently effective as an epithet.

    2. Given that, Psystar obviously owes their business to “hippies”. Not that that ever stopped anyone…

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