Apple issues iTunes update to address iPhone SMS security flaw

Fri, Jul 31, 2009


At the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas this past week, researchers Collin Mulliner and Charlie Miller revealed that they could remotely take over any iPhone with a simple text message comprised of a single character.  Rebooting the phone would in most cases solve the problem, but it wouldn’t take a hacker long to grab private information and execute malicious code before users even realized what happened.

Mulliner and Miller both noted that they informed Apple about the exploit over a month ago, but never heard anything back.  So in an effort to grab Apple’s attention and reveal just how damaging the exploit potentially is, Mulliner and Miller decided to make the exploit public so that Apple could address it before any malicious programmers were able to take advantage of it.

Luckily, Apple today issued an iPhone OS 3.01 software update to fix the memory corruption that enabled the above mentioned exploit to work.  You might wanna consider downloading the update as soon as you can.  Just a thought…



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