Analyst claims to have seen Apple Tablet first-hand

Sat, Aug 1, 2009

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Barrons reports that a veteran financial analyst has seen Apple’s mythical tablet first hand, and speculates that Apple could very well announce the device in September for a November release, potentially positioning it as the must-have electronic device this holiday shopping season.

Following reports in The Financial Times last week that Apple is preparing a multimedia computer in the shape of a tablet with a 10-inch screen, computer-industry executives are waiting with bated breath for what may be a final design from Apple in the next six weeks, say analysts.

One veteran analyst who has seen first-hand a prototype slate-style computer from Apple says the device could be announced in September for release in November.

… The new device, which may retail for US$699 to $799, could fulfill a variety of multimedia functions currently taken up by a gaggle of individual consumer electronics devices… The machine impresses with its display of hi-def video content, says the veteran analyst, who asked not to be identified. ‘It’s better than the average movie experience, when you hold this thing in your hands.’




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  1. Odi Kosmatos Says:

    10-inch screen, that doesn’t allow for a full-sized virtual keyboard, and Tim Cook, Apple COO, said they wouldn’t do that to people.

    Here’s my take on this:

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