How the latest Palm Pre update syncs with iTunes

Mon, Aug 3, 2009


A few weeks ago, Apple released an iTunes update which prevented the Palm Pre from syncing up with iTunes. Shortly thereafter, Palm responded with an update of its own with the release of webOS 1.1, an update which re-enabled the ability of the Pre to sync up with and transfer media files from iTunes.

In case you’re curious as to how the new update enables the Palm Pre to sync up with iTunes, here’s the scoop.  When it was first released, the Palm Pre identified itself to iTunes as a “mass storage device” called an iPod.  After Apple updated iTunes to block the Pre, Palm issued a webOS udpate which now identifies the Pre as a device with an Apple USB Vendor ID.

But the story doesn’t end there.

After re-enabling the Pre to sync up with iTunes, Palm filed a complaint with the USB Implementators Forum, alleging that Apple was violating some rule for discriminating against certain USB Vendor ID’s.  The obvious irony is that spoofing USB Vendor ID’s, as Palm has done by spoofing Apple’s, is in clear violation of the contract companies have to sign in order to receive a unique USB Vendor ID.

When applying for a USB Vendor ID, companies are required to sign a form acknowledging, among other things, that “Unauthorized use of assigned or unassigned USB Vendor ID Numbers and associated Product ID Numbers are strictly prohibited.

So what the hell is Palm doing here?  Are they trying to get as much publicity as possible or are they just fumbling through blindly in an attempt to stick it to Apple, even at their own expense and reputation?

And why doesn’t Palm just write its own syncing software like RIM does?


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  1. Juan Says:

    What needs to happen here is Apple needs to give way and allow other phones to sync up to iTunes. This would end all the drama. Apple needs to stop their whole exclusivity crap.

  2. Katy Says:


    And what planet are you from, Apple iTunes is a Free downloadable application, That is used for iTunes Purchases through APPLES own iTunes Store.

    Hmm, Free for all as you say, Yes it is free, But apple stopped over 4 Years ago giving support to other MP3 Players. Read the Licenses Agreement fully when you install iTunes on you computer, You must Accept it or Deny it, And it clearly states that support is for Apple Branded iPods & Other that They (Apple) see fit.

    And give this argument to Microsoft and ask them to give us Zune Marketplace usage for ipod and Palm Also… Hmm ” IT DOES NOT OFFER IT”

    You can argue all you want but the Facts are Apple has spent tits OWN R7D to Produce and Enhance a Piece of software that is for a STORE they offer to there customers,
    It does not stop Non ipod users from using it, Just drag and drop you purchased music to your other device’s, Since there is no more DRM for Music.

    Now argue that you paid for and produced a Software Product that enhances your hardware product and someone else comes along and adds there own hack to enhance there hardware product,
    NOW you are loosening out because the Software product you designed to sell your Hardware is Now Selling Someone Else’s Hardware, You don’t benefit at all, and since Apple makes it Money from Hardware… Losing over & over.

    “Considering Apple May Make “30 cents a song” and needs to pay for server usage bandwidth Production, upkeep in Server farms, Employees salaries, Insurance, Payment Invoicing, ECT…” Most people don’t think of the Cost’s involved, If you have ever run a BUSINESS you know there are allot more cost’s that are Not even named here that must be paid.

    And then the break down is only a few cents after everything is paid that Apple Makes, Then you will See that Apples Main Lifeline is HARDWARE… The iTunes Software Enhances the Hardware and Makes It Appealing for Sale and Extra Value to the Consumer. Palm is Using that to Benefit themeless by not giving Apple any Money for Development ECT. They just STOLE IT.

    Anyway you look at it; is Dishonest and Thievery on Palms part, Palm need’s to get off the Hands and Develop a tie-in to iTunes… Other developers have, They are trying to start a fight they will not win, And we will see it in the Coming Months.

    Now it seems that since Apple has shown it has a Product that is Superior every one thinks that they should have a piece of it, It Doesn’t work that way.

    And don’t start the Argument that Apple has a Monopoly on the Market, They Don’t, they are Successful at what they have done and that is not a Monopoly, There are other choices out there like Amazon, Microsoft Marketplace, & May more downloadable Services that through the Monopoly argument out of the Water.

    Cry all you want, Being Successful doesn’t mean you open you Software up for everyone to use they way you see fit, it means that there are choices and Apple has the Most Appealing one at this time with what it offers, And being appealing is what sells products.

    I see this not happening with Palm, And Since Motorola is releasing there own iTunes Tie-in, Palm can Also.

    Apple offers the Tools for free to Tie into iTunes, only Laziness is stopping Palm with allot of Over Zealous Greed.

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