A case against an Apple Tablet

Tue, Aug 4, 2009


Rafe Needleman of CNET writes:

While a tablet may be great for browsing the Web and viewing media, it’s too big to replace a phone and too limited to carry around as a work computer. People will need their keyboarded Netbooks and notebooks for real work. Tablets, like other tweener devices, ultramobile PCs and Netbooks, are accessories to real computers. You can’t do enough on them to justify the price, although they’re sure nice to have if you have extra money for a gizmo that sits between your big computer and your phone, both in size and function.

Some valid points, but you have to think that if Apple does in fact launch a tablet, it would do so only after addressing many of the concerns people currently associate with netbooks and tablets.  I mean, Apple doesn’t release a product and then do its darndest to convince you to buy it.  On the contrary, it releases products that make you wonder how you’ve lived so long without it.


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  1. John Moffat Says:

    IF Aple combined tablet and notebook (like HP tx2000) then I would become an apple fan.

    I agree tablet on it’s own but I have had the HP for 2 years now and can draw process flows and use them for guidance to my programmers…saves me hours over Visio etc etc…. so with the Macs graphic expertise… table notebook…. WOW!!!

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