Who should replace Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board? Tim Cook? Woz? Jim Goldman?

Tue, Aug 4, 2009


In light of the recent resignation of Google CEO Eric Schmidt from Apple’s board of directors, an important question becomes who exactly should take the open seat on the board?

Silicon Alley Insider suggests that Tim Cook would be a good choice, given his success in handling Apple’s day to day operations in the absence of Steve Jobs.

Under Cook’s watch, Apple successfully released several major products, including a new iPhone, refreshed laptop and desktop computers, and new software. The company also turned in record non-holiday quarterly revenue and profits in its June quarter. And shares doubled.

And with companies such as Motorola and Dell having shown interest in luring Cook away from Apple in recent years, a board seat might be a nice way to ensure that Cook stays on board.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac conducted a poll to see who readers thought should replace Schmidt, and as of this writing, 34% of the votes went to Tim Cook (good enough for first place), while old time Steve Jobs pal Larry Ellison received 14% of the votes.

And on the humorous tip, the Fake Steve Jobs posted a series of posts about him taking calls from interested parties for the open board seat.  Some of the interested parties include Jon Rubenstein, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, CNBC analyst Jim Goldman, and Woz.

The Jim Goldman post is particularly funny and reads:

So Jim Goldman calls, and he’s like, let’s not dance around it. I’ll blow you. Okay? I’ll bring my own stepladder. And I’ll stop editing Katie’s scripts. I’ll read them exactly the way she writes them for me. Word for word. I promise. Steve, I’m standing on a box outside your office right now with jumper cables attached to my nipples. Look out the window. Yeah. That’s me. I’ll do it, Steve. I swear I will.

Well done, FSJ.  Well done.

If you recall, FSJ writer Dan Lyons had a bit of a spat with Jim Goldman live on the air over the reporting of Steve Jobs health, and ended up getting banned from CNBC in the process.


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