iTunes App Store spammer tried to sell his operation for millions of dollars

Thu, Aug 6, 2009


Remember that jackass developer we reported on yesterday, the guy who with a team of 26 produced nearly 1000 buggy and pointless iPhone apps to bilk customers out of their hard earned money?

Well, apparently he tried to sell his entire app store scam operation for millions of dollars back in early July.  On, apparently a site to buy and sell websites, the ringleader of the scam/crapware operation, Khalid Shaikh, attempted to sell, the company responsible for all those craptastic apps.  But wait, isn’t Flippa a place to buy websites and not businesses?  You got it, but that doesn’t stop Shaikh, who even acknowledges that he’s not going about his business/attempted sale in the proper forum.  What a surprise.

Here’s how Shaikh describes his business:

One to ten million for a library full of shitty apps?  No thanks, and thank god Apple finally had the good sense to remove all of his spammy apps before this dickwad was actually able to sell the business to some unassuming purchaser.  Though for all we know, maybe another spam-minded individual would have picked it up.

Annoyingly, Shaikh notes that he’s been raking in over $100,000/month from his ridiculous iPhone apps.  Who knows what kind of scam this a-hole is gonna come up with next.


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