Trippy augmented reality app [Video]

Thu, Aug 6, 2009


Most, if not all, of the augmented reality apps we’ve seen thus far seem to center on helping people get around by displaying pertinent information about people and locations.  But a German company called Metalo recently released the following augmented reality demo which overlays 3D models over real world footage.  The effect is somewhat trippy and almost reminiscent of an LSD trip – which maybe explains why Steve Jobs was so amped about the iPhone!

The use of 3D models in augmented reality apps really opens the door to a number of interesting possibilities.  TUAW observes:

But when you start including 3D models into the mix, then things get really nuts: instead of just seeing tourist information, you could have a virtual guide show you around the museum. Or have a virtual hide and seek session with a creature that moves around the environment as you look for it.

via Venture Beat


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