Upcoming iMacs rumored to include “compelling new features”

Fri, Aug 7, 2009

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Looking at the Apple’s current line up of iMacs, it’s hard to imagine what Apple could do to improve on what seems like an already perfect machine.  The iMac is powerful, quiet, sleek as all hell, takes up no room, and has a large and beautiful screen.  The iMac is arguably the desktop computer perfected, and aside from price cuts or small aesthetic changes, we’ve often wondered “What could Apple possibly do to make the iMac better?”

On that note, AppleInsider is reporting, citing sources familiar with Apple’s future plans, that the next generation of iMacs will include 2 new compelling features that will “up the value proposition for prospective buyers.”

One of those features is said to have long been on the wish-lists of many Mac users while the other is expected to cater to the semi-professional audio/video crowd.

Wow.  Let the guessing games begin.

An obvious guess would be the addition of Blu-Ray players to the iMac.  While Steve Jobs has publicly labeled Blu-Ray licensing to be a “big bag of hurt”, we reported this past February that the Blu-Ray licensing process would be getting a whole lot simpler for interested parties.  Specifically, Sony, Philips, and Panasonic announced a few months back that companies interested in manufacturing Blu-Ray devices would now only need to attain a single license in order to do so – a pretty big deal considering that 18 separate companies currently hold Blu-Ray patents.

But with Blu-Ray struggling to take off in the way that many assumed it would, one has to wonder what other tricks Apple might have up its sleeve.  MacRumors quickly notes that some sources hint at an iMac re-design modeled after Apple’s 24 inch LED Cinema Display.

Any ideas?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. arto7 Says:

    I am looking for some kind of gestures input. Maybe the chopped off number pad becomes a touch pad. Or you can dock an iPod touch or iPhone to the iMac as an additional input device – syncs easy too. I took my son to an apple store back in January or so. He was 11. We played with the iPod touches as they had some games on them. Then we walked over to the iMacs – as a game oriented kid he wanted to know if we could run windows games on the iMac. He walks up looks at it and immediately reaches for the screen to try the gestures that worked on the touch. I thought, it does look like you should be able to do that.

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